5 Tips for Parents Who Have A Child With ADHD

5 Tips for Parents Who Have A Child With ADHD

Rewards Come First – Not Punishment

Children and teenagers with ADHD respond better with rewards rather than punishment. When they do something good, something as little as brushing their teeth, praise them. If they need to be disciplined, let them know that time out is 10 minutes long, but if they sit quietly, their time out will be reduced to 5 minutes. They will seek to earn that “reward”.

Use Acceptance – Not Special Treatment

Parents need to accept the fact that – just like EVERY kid, even one without ADHD, is imperfectly, perfect. When you treat them like they’re “different”, they will act out more and seek attention in the wrong way.

Use Physical Contact Rather Than Just Words

Most children and teenagers with ADHD need lots of physical contact. Don’t just tell them you love them everyday. Show them this by touching them, hugging them, tickling them and over all playing with him.

Remove All Distractions

Children and teenagers with ADHD have a short attention span and typically get bored of anything quickly. Limit distractions that they could have like turning off the television when it’s homework time, or putting the toys away while it’s dinnertime. Although this is a good starting point, some children are most productive if they do have background music. Find what works best for your little one and stick to it.

Use Your Resources for Help

Educate yourself on ADHD and how Parents can play a role in aiding your child or teenager. 76% of families who are affected by Mental Health say it’s challenging to find help. Talk to your peers, and most importantly talk to certified professionals like the team at Behaviour Matters.

If you need any help for dealing with your child or teenager with ADHD, please give us a call at (416) 655-4194 or email us at info@behaviourmatters.ca to discuss some of the programs, individual sessions and coaching workshops we have at Behaviour Matters in order to give yourself, your child or your teen the help they need.