"Behaviour Matters Team, the work and time you put into my son was tremendous and he benefited a great deal from your time together - I saw noticeable increases in his social self awareness and intentionality in his social interactions. I can see him calmly and rationally working through his emotions and FINALLY controlling his reactions, instead of being controlled by his emotions and driven by his impulses."

- JT

“I can’t say enough about my child’s positive experience in the “Cool Tools” group. We learned that ASD does not have to mean isolation and rejection.”

- TG

“I thought that my daughter was just naturally anxious. Behaviour Matters helped her and I see that she was really worried about her peer relationships. When her social skills improved, the anxiety seemed to disappear. We couldn’t be happier!”

- LK

“Behaviour Matters brought out the best in our son. Learning and practicing the social and emotional regulation skills gave him the confidence to take the next step and play with kids at recess!”

- SP