Online Programs

If not now, then when? Self Improvement starts here, starts now, starts with you.

A thought record is one of the most popular CBT tools used today, but unfortunately this tool is generally geared towards adults. Behaviour Matters has created an online workshop that teaches parents how to creatively and effectively implement these highly successful concepts and strategies with children!

Our 8-week Positive Parenting online program empowers parents and caregivers with insight into who they are as a parent, as well as provides the tools and strategies needed to smoothly navigate through parenthood! In this interactive online course, we explore parenting styles and self-care strategies as well as emotional self-awareness and modelling positive coping skills. Skills and strategies taught in our program include understanding the purposes of behaviour and approaches to behaviour change, methods to increase positive child behaviour and to decrease undesirable child behaviour, and how to support your child’s continued development of emotional regulation, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Our 8 week program is led by a certified CBT Therapist and helps to increase awareness between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours as well as develop healthy coping strategies. Through education, skill building and weekly assignments participants will learn new ways to challenge anxious thoughts, unhelpful thinking patterns, build problem solving skills, and establish new ways of thinking and thriving.

Our Mindfully Mindful workshop explains what mindfulness is and the benefits to practising mindfulness. We provide easy to implement strategies to practice with your children, teens or on your own to become more present. Mindfulness has many benefits, but many of us just don't know where to start or what to do. Start now and let us simplify it for you.