Our Story

The birth and evolution of Behaviour Matters is credited to three women - the founding members Karen Connort and Cheri Boros and the companies current visionary and owner Tania DaSilva.

Karen Connort and Cheri Boros (1997)..,

With over 25 years of experience in child, youth and family mental health, Cheri Boros and Karen Connort decided to risk it all, quit their jobs and embark on an entrepreneurial journey. The two mompreneurs possessed years of expertise within the mental health field, working in Toronto hospitals, schools, homes, and non-profit organizations. Their dream was to bring this all together and create a powerful and personalized mental health experience for individuals, children, youth, and families. The dream became a reality, and Behaviour Matters was born in 1997.

Tania DaSilva (2004)..,

Tania’s personal experiences with mental health are what fuelled her to create the space that Behaviour Matters claims today. In 2004 at the age of 16, Tania was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder brought on by an abusive relationship. The effects of this relationship impacted her academic performance, her social and emotional abilities, and drastically changed her mental health. With generalized anxiety, she faced panic and anxiety most days, which was a very different and exhausting feeling for her. She found very little support and quickly realized she needed to create the change she so desperately needed. She quickly learned how experiences, beliefs, and a lack of social-emotional skills can leave you unrecognizable to yourself. In her search to find herself again, she found many holes in the system, many areas needing improvement, but most importantly, she found her life’s work. She reframed her perceived weakness (her anxiety) as strength and, over the years, has developed a unique edge in the field due to her personal experience with mental health.

Karen Connort, Cheri Boros and Tania DaSilva (2014)..,

The three women crossed paths in 2014 when Tania DaSilva came highly recommended by a supervisor at The North York General hospital, coincidently, a hospital that Karen Connort worked at 20 years prior.

Tania DaSilva (2016)..,

By 2016, Tania had experience in schools, hospitals, and private practice under her belt. As her second anniversary with the company approached, they reflected on her accomplishments and praised her ability to find endless opportunities for growth in the company. Cheri and Karen were confident in her skills and saw nothing but potential, they decided to offer her a life-changing opportunity. Karen Connort and Cheri Boros were retiring and wanted Tania DaSilva to be their successor. At this time, 19 years after the companies birth, Tania was now the one taking the risk and acquired Behaviour Matters to start her entrepreneurial journey.


Today Behaviour Matters shows no signs of slowing down. Tania DaSilva is regularly in the media, she is a mental health expert on CTV, she has appeared in Forbes and many other publications to date. Behaviour Matters has strong community relationships and partnerships with countless Toronto public and private schools, they also enrich the learning experience of many post-secondary students through internships and placements. The company has a strong belief in collaboration and works closely with many healthcare and educational professionals on treatment plans for clients as well as providing professional training for staff. Behaviour Matters is seen as innovative in the mental health sphere by continuously creating and delivering the most current, relevant, and useful programming for in office, community, and online use. What really makes the company special is the individuals, and the passion and love they all have for the work they do. This is seen throughout the entire team and within every little detail of the company. Tania’s love for mental health and her drive to create an exceptional experience leads to the best possible care for her clients. Behaviour Matters provides so much more than a service, it provides an experience like no other. We are your team, we coach you, we care for you, we cheer you on and celebrate you! 

We appreciate you and thank you for allowing us to be part of your story. If we haven’t met you yet, we can’t wait to meet you, to learn your story and have you become a part of ours.

- Behaviour Matters xx